Broadcast Your Business, Service, Product and Message on Nearby Smartphones!

Send nearby notifications to Smartphones that will attract new customers and leads.
Create Custom Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Analytics and Instant Notification Changes
all located on One Platform.

landing Pages

Easily build your landing pages with the many included pre-made blocks. You have full HTML control over each template, so you can tweak every detail to your needs.

Custom Forms

Create lead capture forms with the easy-to-use form builder. Entries are saved to the list you created, so you can follow up with them using either email or newsletters.

Email Automation

No need for a separate auto responder use the form fields in the email editor to send automated emails like opt-in confirmation requests or newsletters to your lists.

Platform Features

Just Add Your Beacons And Automatically Connect Your Landing Pages, Forms, and List With A Few Clicks.

Email Your Contacts

Manage and email all of your contacts with the push of the button. Marketing your business is fast & easy.

Magically Easy

No other system on the market is as easy as this. Create a page, Create a form, Create a list, Add a Beacon.

Send Notifications

Depending on the Beacons you use you can send out notifications up to 650 feet around you with ease.

Save Money

One platform has everything you need to market and promote your business or service. Pick the plan you need.


Here Are Some Examples Of What You Can Do With Our Platform

Beacon Demo

Launch a Nearby Notification Campaign Today

Get started transforming your location and the area around your business into a digital marketing zone to attract new customers and leads for free.

Register For Trial

Sign up for our free 2 week trial and start building pages, forms, list and add a beacon.

Download Beacon App

Download the beacon simulator app and setup a virtual beacon to start sending notifications.

Create A Landing Page

Make lead capture pages, video pages, sales pages, and more. Using our drag and drop editor.

Create A Form and List

Make a contact form, appointment form, lead gen form, and more. Then add it to your list.

Connect A Virtual Beacon

Using the Beacon Simulator App create an Eddystone UID Beacon and add it to the panel.

Broadcast Notifications

Turn the virtual beacon on and set the distance to high and begin broadcasting your message.

Our Pricing Plan

Get started with our free 2 week trial and then choose the plan that fits your needs and grow from there.
Pricing is for our software marketing platform subscription.
Beacons purchased separately.
One-time $30. account activation fee regardless of number of beacons.
60 day commitment then month-to-month. No refunds.
Volume discounts available on orders of 100 beacons or more.


$ 149.

150 Landing Pages

150 Lead Forms

150 Email Campaigns

15,000 Email Leads

Connect up to 150 Beacons

Change your Message and Link in Real Time

Free 2 Week Trial

$ 0

2 Landing Pages

2 Lead Forms

2 Email Campaigns

10 Email Leads

Connect 1 Beacon


$ 59.

50 Landing Pages

50 Lead Forms

50 Email Campaigns

5,000 Email Leads

Connect up to 50 Beacons

Change your Message and Link in Real Time


$ 99.

90 Landing Pages

90 Lead Forms

90 Email Campaigns

10,000 Email Leads

Connect up to 90 Beacons

Change your Message and Link in Real Time

Download Beacon Simulator App

get in touch

If you have any question, get in touch here.

Subscription Agreement:
You understand that you are required to subscribe as a monthly user on our platform based on the number of beacons you purchase. This is where you will manage your notifications. The user fee will be a recurring payment on a monthly basis charged to the account listed above. However, platform service can be cancelled at any time after the first 60 days with 30 days written notice. There are no refunds on the actual beacons. If you cancel the platform or fail to pay for monthly service your account will be terminated and your beacon will be removed from the platform and your data will be lost.

We also offer add-on options available, such as monthly maintenance of your notifications, changes to your landing pages, photography and video, signage and other services as needed. These are on a case by case basis. Please contact your sales rep for more info.


You also agree that there are no guarantees, or warranties that you will make sales using proximity marketing. HilBeacons is your platform to leverage beacon technology and this is a marketing tool like any other marketing out there.


You also agree and are aware that it is ILLEGAL for you to place a beacon on private property without the express written permission of that property owner. If you are found to be committing this crime you will be banned, account terminated, and no refunds or any non-usage will be refunded. We at HilBeacons will assist local authorities if we are contacted to provide information. I.E. ( placing a beacon inside a fake rock and placing in a planter, or placing in a mall with high traffic, placing inside a fake electric box and labeling it high voltage but really your beacon is inside.)


You understand that  purchasing beacons from HilBeacons, we provide a warranty should a Beacon malfunction. You will need to return the beacon at your expense to our business address via US Mail. Upon receipt of the defective beacon we will replace it with a new one at no additional charge. This warranty does not cover damage due to miss use or abuse of the beacon. Tampering to the beacon in anyway may cause the beacon to fail.


Please allow 1-2 weeks for receipt of beacons. They will come activated and added to your dashboard.  You will receive an email when they are ready to be delivered. In the meantime, you can start building your landing pages (as soon as you sign up for the user platform) and creating the 40 character notifications so you are ready to start marketing as soon as the beacons are in your hands.

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